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When someone is just being a really big dick.
Bob! Why do you have to keep eating the last ice cream sandwich from the fridge all the time!? You are being a stupid Niggerdick!
by Markee Mark May 17, 2007
70 52
Nigger Dick is used in replacement for "Fuck", or "Shit". Its more creative and will get a laugh due to its randomness.
Because when you think of Nigger Dick, you picture a big, black hairy Penis.

By the way, don't say it in front of a African American person...unless they know the just, they are from the Bahamas or you REALLY wanna get your ass kicked by some guy named Tyron.
lil Jay jay: want some wine

Billy: Hell yeah Bra! Hook dat sit up!

lil Jay jay:*Spills wine on pants* Woops!

Billy: Nigger Dick!

Thank you....White Power!
by oooOOOOooooNegrooooOOOOooo March 29, 2006
485 341
term used to describe when bananas get old, mushy, and black.
o dude throw these damn nigger dicks away
by DroGotMahEyezLow June 20, 2010
71 22
A unit of measurement to define the amount of snow a ski hill recieves. 1 nigger dick = approximately 8" of snow.
Dude, you missed out today! My buddy and I just finished riding 3 nigger dicks, face shots at every turn.
by RoosterCogbburn January 03, 2014
3 2
Having a perpetual not-quite-full hard on for a long period of time, as opposed to the normal shrinkage of an unaroused state.
"Just being around that girl Jenni gives me a case of nigger dick. I'm beatin' off twice a day now!"
by terri7199 February 15, 2009
77 92
A penis belonging to a man (or woman) of the black/nigger race. a Nigger dick is generally extremely huge and is found in either a pair of very baggy pants that are slouching and are being worn by a nigger, or inside of a white woman's mouth, ass, or vagina.
Look at the size of that nigger dick!

yo man, i really wanna put my nigga dick in that white ho's ass, yo.

Suck my nigga dick you fuckin cracka-ass fooh!
by ebonypornlover1990 October 17, 2010
101 130
A male sex organ of ridiculously large mass and excessive length, known for causing acute pain particularly in overweight, trailer inhabiting, slovenly white women, having it's origin in the lore regarding the hapless but physically gifted African-American slave folk.
"Figure it out, Einstein, she didn't dump you for Jermaine's apeish good looks or his money - she just needed that big fat nigger dick."
by afterbirtha December 30, 2008
138 173