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The dictionary created by rapper Nicki Minaj to educate all her Harajuku Barbies, Ken Barbies and Stud Muffins. She uses words like: Barbie Juice, Surfboard, and Strawberry Shortcake.
Girl 1. "I need some Barbie Juice"

Girl 2. "What is that?"
Girl 1. "Ugh, go look it up!"
Girl 2. *Confused* "Where?"
Girl 1. "In the Nictionary, stupid!"
by SassBarbie October 21, 2009
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the nictionary is the pals version of the dictionary, many words and phrases are creaed by nikolas, hence 'the NICtionay'
wooooo that word is awesome, let's add it to the nictionary
by Jordan Wildrianne October 25, 2007
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