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A sexy beast, who gets distracted way too often. A very quiet person at first but when you get to know her she is very loud.

She also, talks with her hands and its very distracting. She is very hyper and energetic. She is a gorgeous girl and many guys tend to love her. This girl is not afraid to stand up for herself and will throw a punch if she has to. She also isn't afraid to speak her mind at anytime. If you meet this girl, then you will have the bestest friend ever that anybody could have or your worst enemy. Appreciate that you have her as a friend because she will be there for you in the worst of times.
Guy 1: did you see that sexy beast Nickole?

Guy 2: Hell yeahhhhh! she was fineeeee!
by xxSquirrelxx June 12, 2011
A person who is a known spooner. Likes to cuddle with small puppies and/or stuffed animals in the shape of dinosaurs. Usually eats dogs, kittens and grass. Is known to get stuff done on the first date.
"I saw a boy spooning with a dinosaur"
"Ah, must be a nickoles"
by hippyhippo February 28, 2010

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