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1. A name one can give to their friends who're named Nick.
2. How a Jew says the word "nigger".
1. Yeah, We just call him Nicker.
2. Shalom mah nicker
by J2k20 April 28, 2008
12 15
he gave me 20 nicker to put on the gee gee's
by huet May 01, 2003
61 28
This a horse term - a low greeting that a horse makes to another horse.
The mare nickered to her foal.
by Kongfire August 25, 2007
27 14
A term used in the 70's-80's for a pant type. Longer than shorts but shorter than pants. Much like capri's, but longer.
Those nickers are to long for today style.
by ihavesunshine March 26, 2010
35 26
a cover-up word to use if a black person hears you say "nigger". short for 'nose picker'.
Guy: What's this nigger up to?

Nig: What'd you say?

Guy: Oh I said's short for nose picker.
by PaypaKlip January 14, 2012
8 1
A unit of power measure. Standard conversion typically 80 watts = 1 nicker
That subwoofer puts out 2 nickers of power.
by DrPede December 11, 2006
10 8
a plagiarist, a pirate, a fraud, a cheat, a trick, a defraud, a thief, a snatcher,
"We were the biggest nickers in town. Plagiarists extraordinaire." Paul McCartney (Musician, February 1985, p.62)
by passerbygone June 25, 2011
6 5
used to define somebody who is of mixed race. A combination of nigger and a cracker.
rasheed is a nicker, lets roll on that bitch
by shooby June 04, 2005
28 27