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1.) A highly intuitive person with street-smarts and intelligence.

2.) A cunning and charming individual skilled in the arts of deception, manipulation, and confidence.

3.) Having natural "game" and a highly evolved sense of perception in dealing with people and situations.
" I escaped death and jail by being "nickelslick"

"Don't try to scam him he's too nickelslick to fall for it".

"That nickelslick guy stole my girlfriend"

"That rapper Kokane has a song/video on the "Deep Cover" soundtrack called "NickelSlick Nicca" about his life.
by Macksamillion December 10, 2009
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A phrase to describe a person who thinks they are are cunning or shrewd, often times in a failing fashion. Possible roots in the fact that nickels have a coating that is more slick that other coins.
Shiiit, that bitch thought she was nickel slick trying to lie and say she was at her girl's house. I know where she really was.
by NALLS_DOC June 08, 2011

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