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1.) The way the singer from nickelback pronouces and elongates the name of the band he is in
2.) Listening to 2 or more nickel back songs in a row and wondering if the cd is on repeat
3.) One of the most effective forms of torture if you arnt a drunken middle aged burn out or middle schooler trying to fit in

also see
coldplay, (for definition 3) slipknot, Metallica and 80's pop
Radio host: hey people we have Chad Robert Kroeger from nickelback in studio and hes going to be contolling the airways for a litte bit!
Chad: alright! time for a nickelback marathon NICKELBACK TO BACKA NICKELBACKA A RAMA! oh YEAH AHA!
Radio host: On second thought this might not be a good idea...
by hi billy April 23, 2010
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