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The closest person to perfection that you will ever meet. He is sweet, reallyyyy funny, nice, tall, hot, fun to be around, and smart, but those are only a few of his very LARGE qualities(; He makes an amazing boyfriend and will always stand up for you. He's really nice unless you piss him off, then he can and WILL kick your ass. He knows what he wants out of life and always speaks his mind whether you like what he's saying or not. He loves money and spends it wisely (sometimes), but never wastes it on dumb things. There's always something new he has to tell you.. in other words you'll never have a dull moment with him. He LOVES to argue so it's better to just agree with him from the beginning (yes, even if he's wrong). He's really active and does a lot of sports.. If you ever get with him, you'll hardly ever be unhappy.
-"wow that guy acts like he's the greatest thing to walk this earth"
-"thats not an act hun, that's Nick(:"
by JayyLee(: August 13, 2011

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