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A great(or small) dwarf of old. He was a champion miner of his time, and once went too far deep into the caverns of CLAPPER’s HOLE. This caused his brain to be damaged, and now this poor dwarf is often seen on the plains doing stupid things. His arms are incredibly short, but is waist is incredibly thick. His stout figure is what inspired the modern “I’m a little teacup” song. The original goes: “Im a little dwarf, short and stout, here is my hammer, here is my ore!.” The infamous secret police of Helvarg, however, banned this funny rhyme and replaced it with boring words that reflected a teacup. Nick Hamilton is insecure about his sexual preferences and the size of himself, so he finds elation in trying to bring down others. He plays games like Call of Duty and Halo to play as an awesome warrior, to imagine himself as being strong and actually fit for war.
Nick Hamilton likes playing war games to visualize himself as strong and awesome, but in reality he is a mentally deficient dwarf that resides in CLAPPER’s HOLE.
by referter February 26, 2010

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