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Hamilton Wenham is a small town in Massachusetts. It is 99.9% white and .1% half white. Known as a town with nothing to do you can often find the kids going to nearby towns such as Beverly and Gloucester. Here there is still nothing to do, but a little less nothing. Contrary to popular belief the local hang out is not the Black Cow, but instead it is Nick's Roast Beef, which in case you wanted to know, is in Beverly, not Hamilton or Wenham.
These towns have two claims to fame. First, Myopia, every teenager hates it. Every Grandparent loves it, but has to wait until they die to get in, off the waiting list. Myopia is known for its posh golf course and masses of horses. It often hosts Polo games, which no one from Hamilton-Wenham goes to, unless they're working there.
Its second claim to fame is the Patton family. It sums it all up by saying General George S. Patton was the last remotely famous person from Hamilton Wenham, and he's from World War II.
"I'm from Hamilton Wenham."
"Oh, you must be rich"

"I'm from Hamilton Wenham."
"Oh, do you ride horses?"

by Steven Parry November 07, 2005
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