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This is a very special person. He is kind and sweet and the absolute nicest guy that you will ever come in contact with. He has the most beautiful brown eyes and a smile that makes you melt. He looks at you with that cute little face and instantly anything that you felt was wrong in the world, is suddenly gone and the only thing you care about is being with him in that very moment. He has a little kid laugh that makes you smile so big when you hear it. He'll treat you with compassion and will do anything at all for you. He's a hard worker and is family oriented and is so very loving and wonderful. If you have the pleasure of meeting him, your world will instantly be changed. I know mine was, and I am forever grateful for it. <3
"That sexy, wonderful and gentlemanly guy over there; he's Nick DiSciascio."
by JustAnUnbrokenGirl;) January 04, 2013
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