Thai-Chinese American idol in South Korea (member of boy group 2pm)

Well known for his winking abilities.
Amazing at so many random things.
Makes hilarious random comments/observations!
Hard worker! Competitive!

Completely natural! (yeah!)
Manly and cute at the same time!!!
Intimidating, yet adorable when upset!
Funny, caring, and smart!

Speaks Thai, English, and Korean! (and a little Chinese and Japanese)

Wgm Khuntoria (tv show marriage to f(x) Victoria) = adorable!

His English is SO HOTT!!!

Oh yeah, did I mention he's HOTT!?

*tons of adoring fangirls gather instantly*

2pm: Yes, our Nichkhun is very handsome...

Victoria: Nichkhun oppa! He is good at everything!

Nichkhun: *wink*
Fangirls: AH!!! *swoon*
#2pm #khuntoria #thai prince #victoria #f(x) #thailand #jyp #south korea #hott #perfect
by kpopislove1111 August 20, 2011
Top Definition
A word used amongst females globally to define a extremely sexy and cute Thai-Chinese American male from the guy group 2PM.
Midori: “If only he was as cute as Nichkhun”

Pauline: “He’s so Nichkhun.”

Jasmine: "Look at him! he looks so hot! Almost like Nichkhun from 2PM!"

Stacey: “I wish there were more Nichkhun’s around the world.”
#khun #khundori #nich #2pm #narak #nichypoo #horvejkul
by Mid0ri January 16, 2010
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