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adj. used to describe how satisfying something (food, music, videos) is, particularly while under the influence of cannabis.
Eating Happy Hippos and listening to The Glitch Mob was total niceness!
by LILskid January 09, 2012
hair on the chin, with out a goatee. not quite a beard thou just the hair on the chin.
(ex1)Kid 1 : see that kid over there?
Kid 2 : nahh which kid, theres mad kids over there.
Kid 1 : the kid with the Niceness.
Kid 2: o0o0o aight yea i see him.

(ex2) "iv been growing the niceness for a while now. its really lookin good."
by YORTT October 27, 2008
Really good. Often used in excitement/upon hearing good news.
-"I've got tickets for T in the Park next month!"
by brendan September 05, 2004
A word Barb made up.
Hey that is very niceness.
by jjk November 24, 2003