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A person who displays racism and/or belief in stereotypes without actually hating on different races or faiths.
Person A: "Black people are the best musicians! They always keep the rhythm."
Person B: "Dude, that's niceist."

Person A: "I should go and ask Li to tutor me in math. I mean, he's Asian."
Person B: "Seriously, stop being such a niceist. Li just got a D in his math test."

Person A: "God, all Italians make amazing food."
Person B: "Man, there's good cooks everywhere in the world. Now shut the fuck up, stop being a goddamn niceist and eat your friggin' pizza."
by The Mungoman June 04, 2013
The state of being racist when you think the BEST of the race at hand.
Bill: "I wish there were some Koreans in this class--they could help me with my algebra..not to be racist."
Stella: "No, you were totally being niceist!"
by mmm_classy28806 February 11, 2009
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