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slang for the slang word nigga
aightcho igotchu peace nicca
by True To My Roots July 11, 2003
163 69
A way fo' youth to say nigga so adults who don't like nigga won't slap the Hell outta 'em.
on tha phone: Nicca pleeze
ol' lady: What did you say young lady?
young lady: I said nicca{dayum}
ol' lady: Oh, okay dear

------------now if she hadda said what she meant{Please nigga; I said nigga {damn} she woulda got beat wit a walker
by DatBytchUWant~~Lala August 08, 2004
444 139
another word for nigga, homie, dude, guy, buddy, g
What up nicca?
Who is you nicca?
by TAN VO October 04, 2006
106 57
This word has no racial meaning. A person who insist on buying 5$ bags of pot and never moving up to a larger amount.
Buy an Oz. you stupid nicca.
by leafy grass February 25, 2012
10 14
nigga, homie, dude.
that nicca gone crazy.
by gangsta chick 619 September 11, 2003
53 84
a variation of the word nicca used by lazy fucks who are to lazy to pronounce a G sound.
ya nicca i unna uh er azz
(Yo Nigga'! IM gonna Whoop yer ASS!)
by Mad Jester August 10, 2003
74 125
A) A resident of Nicaragua.
B) One of Nicaraguan heritage.
C) Luis.
D) A + B.
E) All of the above.
Pumster: Did you get your Academic Specifications Sheet in the mail yet, Agent 2.0?
Luis: We don't have mail in Nicaragua.
Pumster: Oh right, the Castro thing. Hahaha, stupid niccas.
by HugeBreasticle May 08, 2005
59 139