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slang for the slang word nigga
aightcho igotchu peace nicca
by True To My Roots July 11, 2003
another word for nigga, homie, dude, guy, buddy, g
What up nicca?
Who is you nicca?
by TAN VO October 04, 2006
A way fo' youth to say nigga so adults who don't like nigga won't slap the Hell outta 'em.
on tha phone: Nicca pleeze
ol' lady: What did you say young lady?
young lady: I said nicca{dayum}
ol' lady: Oh, okay dear

------------now if she hadda said what she meant{Please nigga; I said nigga {damn} she woulda got beat wit a walker
by DatBytchUWant~~Lala August 08, 2004
This word has no racial meaning. A person who insist on buying 5$ bags of pot and never moving up to a larger amount.
Buy an Oz. you stupid nicca.
by leafy grass February 25, 2012
nigga, homie, dude.
that nicca gone crazy.
by gangsta chick 619 September 11, 2003
a variation of the word nicca used by lazy fucks who are to lazy to pronounce a G sound.
ya nicca i unna uh er azz
(Yo Nigga'! IM gonna Whoop yer ASS!)
by Mad Jester August 10, 2003
A) A resident of Nicaragua.
B) One of Nicaraguan heritage.
C) Luis.
D) A + B.
E) All of the above.
Pumster: Did you get your Academic Specifications Sheet in the mail yet, Agent 2.0?
Luis: We don't have mail in Nicaragua.
Pumster: Oh right, the Castro thing. Hahaha, stupid niccas.
by HugeBreasticle May 08, 2005