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A quick, low effort fix to a problem that only addresses the immediate symptom and not the root cause. This usually leads to other problems or recurring of the original problem.
Problem: The faucet in the kitchen is leaking.

Nic Fix: turn off the water to the sink, the leak stops. Side effect is that now the faucet doesn't work and in order to get water you now have to turn the water back on.

Real Fix: Repair or replace the faucet. Slightly more effort, but the right way to go.
by sully0321 June 21, 2010
what you get when you smoke one of those badass candy cigs that we roll for the mfst at st mary's college. make sure you take a good drag-you can get a real sugar high.
"hey, guys, where are the candy cigs, i need my nic fix"
by Goulet April 02, 2005
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