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what you get when you smoke one of those badass candy cigs that we roll for the mfst at st mary's college. make sure you take a good drag-you can get a real sugar high.
"hey, guys, where are the candy cigs, i need my nic fix"
by Goulet April 02, 2005
what the badass mfst puffs on to get our nic fix at SMC. fuckin right, candy cigs. and you dont even need a lighter....
"dude, those candy cigs are primo!"
by Goulet April 02, 2005
it's not harrassment if you like it.
that girl wasn't harrassing me. she's hot--so i liked it. it's not harrassment if i like it.
by Goulet April 06, 2005
the badass mutha fuckin swim team of St Mary's College. our rookies aren't afraid of a little marker on their faces. we pump iron to shitty new age. then we get belligerent and smoke us some candy cigs for our nic fix, when we've had enough of the spiderman g bong. monty's our favorite building, and we enjoy a refreshing power hour in the afternoon. that's right, robopound was our creation. we also fry tots after monks with our bare hands. then eat them. one word. buhhhkeenee. we like to talk shit. and flip the bird. natty bo is the drink of choice, especially on case day. so shoot that beer, son--and don't boot--cuz you're part of the MFST.
Dude 1: Hey, what you doin' tonight?
Dude 2: I'm gettin' belligerent with the MFST!
by Goulet April 01, 2005

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