Nia is a high-flown Narcissist, devoid of a basis for her bloated self importance, as she has lived a privileged, coddled life heretofore, and confuses superiority with early luck.

By means of sexual austerity, hyperbolic attempts to feign shyness, and (paradoxically) social network self-glorification, a Nia builds a primitive mystique, thereby seducing popularity among a cult of dim witted followers.

A recent study indicated that Nias may actually be robots, as they have tested capabilities at generating trite ideas and exploiting pop culture as a means to appear original, however items like empathy, a comprehension of human suffering, inner substance, and a pulse tested absent.

A Nia's blank slate personality obliges any idealized image you wish to project, making her most appealing to shallow persons who resent strong personalities, diversity, distinct characters, and authentic principals.

Nias claim merit for unearned titles. For example, she may call herself a Doctor, despite never even having earned an Associate's degree.

Nias can be found hiding behind big words and grandiose concepts.

Nias avoid genuine intimacy, humility, bright colors, vulgar discourse, Buddhism, shenanigans, and using citations when attempting to write academic-style.

Her cinema doppleganger is 'Eve Harrington.' She had the manners of an ambassador and the morals of a pirate.
by Go_Celtics November 02, 2010
To steal or to be black
Kevin i left my phone in the locker and it got niaed
by Truth Teller69696969 October 15, 2012
To steal
Yo kevin i had my ipad in the locker at gvs and that girl nia stole it
by White kid from gvs October 15, 2012
Nerds in Action.
Woah, check out those Nias...playing their roller backpack guitars.

Haha, look at that Nia!
by MIRANDAP00 January 07, 2009
aka, 'the blackhole'. One who possesses the power to lose literally anything within seconds of touching it. Do not lend a Nia anything of value if you ever want to see it again, especially keys. A Nia is a happy creature with an orange glow and sometimes appears to have been rolling around in mud. A Nia may attempt to cook pasta in plastic colanders and other dangerous things of his nature.
"damn, ive only gone and Nia-ed my keys"
"ah! shes gone and got all Nia on my ass!"
by Reugem May 06, 2008
Navy Issue Ass

This is the extra-large ass that seamen, particularly females, are issued in tech school in the US Navy.

The wide load sign, flashers, reflectors, and backup signal neccesary for the safe transport of an NIA are not issued and must be purchased by the individual seaman.
"Man, that girl would be cute if she didn't have that NIA!"

"None of my civilian clothes fit since I got my NIA."

"The NIA may be used as a floatation device."
by Ian November 17, 2005
coming from the word nigga.which came from the word negro(which means black in spanish)
1)sup nia
2)nia please
3)straight bitch nia
4)thats straight niad out
by Mike F. November 21, 2004

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