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Nghe An or Nghean

Nghe An is a province in North Central Vietnam. It is the hometown of Ho Chi Minh, the former president of Vietnam as well as the cradle of nearly every talent in Vietnam. Nghe An people have won kudos for their intelligence, diligence, eagerness to study and their hospitality, cultural traditional imbued with national identity. Nghe An is fast changing with every passing days. Also, Nghe An is famous for its traditional folk songs which belong to a genre of traditional art, Vi Dam, and tobacco as well.
1. I have known many persons who turned their gold into smoke, but in Nghe An, people are the first to turn smoke into gold.

2. A blonde, a brunette and a red head were smoking cigarettes one afternoon. The blonde had Camels, red head had Marlboros, and the brunette had Nghe An rustic tobacco.
It began to pour down raining, so the red head and brunette both pull out a nodder and put it on their cigs. The blonde says "what are you doing?" - and they say "we're saving it for later!"
Impressed, and in a hurry, the blonde goes to the nearest store and asks for a nodder. The clerk says "What size? small, medium, or large?" She said "I dont know... one to fit a camel?"
by quan cao tien August 19, 2010
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