A sound made by fangirls when they see a super fuckable/hot/sexy picture of someone they like (E.G ADAM LAMBERT)
by tynislove August 24, 2009
Not gonna happen
Wife- Come on you'll like it, just give it a chance.
Hubby- Sorry, NGH.
by dadudedaoriginal July 16, 2009
a series of letters representing the N word
yall NGH's be trippin.
by patrick p. February 25, 2006
A sound made from arousal and/or pleasure, the number of "n" and "h" varying depending on how much arousal and/or pleasure is being received
"Ngh" is a sound many young females make towards shirtless guys
by CrystalCatastrophic July 17, 2014
The sound Solid Snake makes when expressing discomfort or dissatisfaction.
*Liquid strikes Solid*
Solid Snake: "Ngh! LIQUID!!"

*Upon learning Meryl is captured*
"Ngh! Meryl!"

*Hearing something related to nanomachines*
"Nanomachines.... ngh!"
by HalEmmerich January 28, 2010
irc acronym, to show uber-friendliness in a non gay way.

NGH: None Gay Hug
dinsda1e gives pyro a NGH
by dinsda1e August 18, 2004

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