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Islander name,exotic, feminine and beautiful.She stands out amongst the crowd.
This name has been found in Newzealand "Ngahuia"
by AndyBD March 22, 2010
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Like the origin of the name, she is vast, beautiful, awe-inspiring... and split into 3 parts. One part kindness - sweet and uplifting, always genuine, sincere. One part humour - although cynical, will always manage to bring a smile to even the most forlorn of people, and finally; one small, stuart-island sized fractional part of utter brilliance that will only show itself when provoked, and whether that provocation be love, hatred, or a similar kind of compatible brilliance, hers will always manage to best you - so be wary.
Oh wow, I am totally speechless, stunned. I have nothing to say to that, you knocked me flat on my back with that one! You never told me you were a ngahuia! Remind me to do my research before the next time we decide to do something together, okay?
by Devrionde October 24, 2013
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