Neziah is a super gorgeous guy with a totally ripped body. He doesn't like when you refer to his pectoral muscles as "tits" or "boobs". If you do this, he might bite you like a dinosaur or tickle you till death.
Sometimes referred to as Meathead or Boy.

Neziah is also a notorious kisser. You will never get the opportunity but I have heard there is a legend of the Kindle/Chap-stick Kiss. It was pretty Epic and left a girl not knowing what just happened to her.
Hobbies include looking sexy on a bike and turning heads in the gym. Has extensive knowledge of movies and quotes from the constantly even if you have no clue what its from.
Neziahs go best with Nikkis, probably because they have an excellent celebrity name... Nikiah. Sounds like a whole lot of baddass-ness mixed with a whirlwind romance.
Person A:What are you doing tonight?
Person B:I'll be with Neziah.
Person A:Wow you are so lucky!

Person A:You know who I am talking about? The ripped guy in the gym?
Person B: Yeah thats Neziah

Random Person: Woah! Hot boyfriend Nikki, what is his name?
Nikki: Oh that boy, is Neziah.
by niklya August 18, 2011

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