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news*able (nüz-uh-bul) adj.
Capable of being picked up by mainstream media.
This press release is boring! It should mention sex or money if you want to make it newsable!
by Jimmy Straightline March 23, 2008
A fail-ridden word made up by G4 TV so that they could appear "hip" when, in one of their advertisements, they mention its existence on UrbanDictionary.com.
In this example, we examine the dynamic between two young women discussing G4 TV:

Young Woman 1: I saw an ad on G4 that mentioned the word 'newsable' on Urban Dictionary. I went online and there it was! They're so up to date on the things that our generation is into!

Young Woman 2: You watch G4?

Young Woman 2 Stabs Young Woman 1 to Death

As we can see, Young Woman 2 is clearly victorious in this exchange. She took exactly the correct path of action in dealing with Young Woman 1.
by Dr. Meat Beast January 29, 2009