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a high school in the Middle Country school district in Suffolk County that looks like a pizza hut. becoming populated with more and more blacks these days (still about 90% white people). random fights that get broken up after 5 sec occur every day.
1 - When did you get pregnant?
2 - When I went to Newfield High School.
by The Wolverine January 09, 2009
A high school located in Selden, New York which is a part of the Middle Country Central School District. Infamous for the Pierson/Pica Homicide case during the mid-1980s which spawned a TV-movie, A Deadly Silence (1989).

It is also the suspected high school of the legendary extreme3004 (class of 2010).
Didn't extreme3004 attend Newfield High School from 2006-2010?
by WolverineCountry September 24, 2009