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A fucking newport. Cant belive none yall nigga's heard em called that
Aye yo, let me hold a newdy man.
by Kasey, C-ville represent August 19, 2005
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One bearded creature that shaves his chest! u find him loitering in his room with a fag in his hand! listen to that shit music called Radiohead and has sexual fantasies about Morrisey! he hardly leaves the house anymore has he has spent all his student loan and is unable to afford condoms so he uses freezer bags and his girlfriends hair band, which he improvises as a cock ring instead! he has a habit of whippin his beaver leaver out to the lads and rubs his cheesey knob and balls against torrettes tony's door handle!
dude, that newdy has used all the freezer bags! he's obviously on a sex binge with Cherel.
by an individual in society! December 11, 2004
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