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noun Usually of the Christopher variety. Has odd obsession with gay and homo. Often hints, but will never admit that he is indeed a mud tongue. Commonly found around the workplace.
Examples of Newbill:

"I’m pretty sure in real life, not on television; I can spot a Tele-tubbie making a b-line for my A-hole."

"…remembers why we cover our asshole while at parade rest…clinches tight and looks over shoulder for Hawk…"

"For that…+1000 Homosexual points to you. That puts you up there with Big Gay Al"

"Make him a druid…and a tauren…just because we need a cow to milk"

"I’m going to bust all of your nuts if you guys don’t STFU and stop being dumb. (at least make it funny if you’re going be an idiot)"
by Fallen January 27, 2005
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