This state SUCKS. it smells. I live here, so i can say that. its gross. theres nothing to do. its not "urban" you cant walk ANYWHERE. i mean maybe compared to like pa. but please, they go to "the shore". the "shore" has no waves, heat, or cleanliness. its gross.
"Mom I don't feel good."
"Oh, we just entered New Jersey. It'll pass."
by kellllly July 25, 2006
The armpit of the United States.
"Welcome to New Jersey. We're from here, what's your excuse?"
by bigtones November 27, 2005
our nation's armpit.
Person: Let's go to New Jersey.

other person: why would we ever do that?
by *Puerta* September 28, 2006
ok, theres alot to say about this DISGUSTING state. i live in NJ and it is embarassing to admit that. New Jersey is the most filthy, horrible, WHORE filled state you could EVER visit. all you see here are DIRTY beaches and grimy people. everybody is RUDE and closed minded. the people are usually unfriendly, ugly, steroid injecting, "drama" obessed townies. everybody looks EXACTLY alike; they all shop at 'bebe', 'Abercrombie & Fitch', and 'Hollister' because they are conforming elitist scum. everybody tries to be tough gangstas but they are just scared little bitches. it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a conversation about music or art because NJ people will be too busy talking about the gay ass episode of 'The OC' they saw last night, and go "OmG!1!!1, aDam BRodY is sO0o HawWt!". STFU whore!

the girls here are bitchy, mean, overly tanned sluts who have severe anger and self image problems. they die their hair like 50 thousand differnet shades of blonde and light brown (and it looks REALLY bad). all of them are UNINTELLIGENT posers who will sleep with anything that moves. NJ girls look exactly alike, its impossible to tell anyone apart.

NJ guys are so incredibly UNattractive. all of them are meat heads who inject steroids into their ass and play sports all day. they will put down anyone who is socially unacceptable or not involved in typical 'guy' things. they all wear the most ridiculous, crappy, clothes you will ever see (like tight ass shirts that show off their ARTIFICIAL MUSCLES and $200 jeans that look like they were attacked by a friggin dog because of the rips in them). there are no NJ guys worth looking at.

the people in new jersey are ALL the same, there is NO diversity whatsoever. if you dont like the yankees, talk a certain way, or spend $400,000 on a car you will be ousted from the group. another disgusting and embarassing thing about NJ is the Jersey Shore. this place makes me sooo mad. its basically the grimiest, bitch filled area you could ever go to. its just so DIRTY and there really are no good people who go there. its a slimy place where FRAT boys and SORORITY girls go to make complete asses out of themselves by getting drunk and contracting HIV from each other. its actually kinda of funny to watch because its so easy to make fun of them!

basically, NJ is a bad place where no one should go. i cant imagine why anyone would want to live/visit here on their own free will. theres nothing worth seeing. one piece of advice: STAY CLEAR AWAY FROM NJ! instead, go scrap your eyes out with a dull blade, it will be less painful.
New Jersey is a DIRTY place.
by jetsett May 10, 2006
1.The garbage state.
2.We have stupid accents
3.It called JERSEY!
4.We are too lazy to pump our own gas!
I am from new jersey and i hate it that is why instead of the garden it should be GARBAGE STATE!!!
by Native2NJ July 24, 2006
a state that wishes it were new york. most people from new jersey work in manhattan island.
new jersey: yeah, we kick ass! new york sucks!
NY: you don't kick ass, you smell like ass. big difference.
by Denia April 29, 2006
The dumping ground for New York City, New Jersey is where all the cultured and educated centers of the United States stick their degenerates. That is why in New Jersey you will find the worst human beings imagineable: guidos, guidettes, snotty pseudo-intellectuals too dumb to make it in the city, and rednecks that would make Alabama jealous. Just imagine every bad kind-of American, and you'll find their twisted, distorted version in New Jersey - it's as if the radiation mutated them into some kind-of supra-hick. Oh, and if you ever meet a JERZY GURL, you will have no choice but to blow your brains out if you ever want peace of mind again - if you don't, every time you close your eyes you'll see some fat-assed spoiled Italian/Irish girl with cheap platinum hair leaning on her steriod-pumped, spiked-haired boyfriend who beats her everyday.

Don't listen to the other comments on this board about New Jersey being a nice place - the only people who think that are people who've never left the state, or hate New Jersey but have given up all hope of ever finding a better life.
"yo, Tony, I just saw some guy who's working hard to make a better life for himself. Let's beat the crap out of him, and then go back to my parents' beachhouse . We can drive there with the Lexus your mom bought you for Easter."

Example demonstrates the lack of education, culture, and self-confidence of New Jersey natives. Also note the resources they have with which to execute their ignorant hatred of anything that makes the United States a decent place to live.
by Mmmmmt May 27, 2005
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