common misconceptions:
#1: new jersey is an industrial dump
while its true we have industry, its only near the border, we keep the inside nice and awsome , the industry just keeps the evil newyorkers and pennsylvanians from getting in
#2: we say joisey
no, only new yorkers drop the "new" and forget the "r"
#3 we are all poor and ugly
wrong agian, new jersey is wealthy, and has some of the finest ass around,
man: oh your from new jersey, what exit? HAHAH

NJ dude:..... at least im smart enough to know how a car works

man: im gonna go run into a pole now
by radioboy2422 May 29, 2005
A radioactive wasteland you may mistakenly find yourself should you be visiting New York. If you end up here it likely means you accidentally entered the on ramp for the Lincoln Tunnel. Either that or you're trying to get to Pennsylvania or all other points west.

The inhabitants of North Jersey are orange-skinned freaks who speak a bastardized pastiche of English, Italian, and Ebonics and who eke out meager livings selling drugs and extorting local businesses for protection money. The inhabitants of South Jersey are cannibalistic subhuman swamp people who live in mud huts deep in the wilderness of the Pine Barrens. They will rape and then devour the unfortunate soul who wanders into their domain and search his remains for money to use on the slots in Atlantic City, their only potential source of income.
Shit, we're in New Jersey. Don't panic, just keep the windows rolled up and the doors locked.
by Hubert Cumberdale Jr. March 21, 2010
A state in the U.S.A. Home to The Misfits, Bruce Springsteen and My Chemical Romance. Just like most other cities. Has it's fair share of crime but hey, where doesn't? The American version of Manchester (definition also provided for Manchester).
'So, where you from?'
'Channel Islands?'
'Nah, New Jersey.'
'Ahh cool. What you want for lunch?'
by WatchingAmerica December 06, 2006
the home state of one of the greatest troubadours of rock'n'roll - Bruce Springsteen!

Also the state name is the name of a 1988 Bon Jovi album.
The first time I ever saw the Atlantic Ocean (and waded in it) was at Seaside Heights, New Jersey. I was 15 years old at the time.
by New World Man January 14, 2009
The best state in the nation. A place where the people are real and lively. I live out here temporarily in fucking Minnesota, where I met people from all over the country, and let me tell you, they are some of the dumbest, coldest, boring, assholes you could ever meet. Not nearly as arrogant as most New Yorkers or stupid as Philadelphians, but dumb none the less. NJ is a place with a beach that bennies and shoobies occupy every year, yet they know how to make fun of our state. If it was so bad, then let those Philly people play with the liberty bell and pick corn with the Amish, and those New Yorkers help mug the muggers. NJ is the only place you can go out, and meet women who are actually beautiful and not simple. So I say fuck the rest and lets enjoy our Jersey! TR in the house Baby!
Women may not be easy in NJ but when you get them, its sweeter! Her in Minnesota, women are easy, and all have babies by 17. No fun!
by Mikey Mike of NJ August 14, 2005
The great state that ended up being the play toy of the fucking idiots of MTV and the Jersey Shore. A show that has no point to exist and should be thrown off air immediately and no I'm not from joisey.
Hey where you from.
New Jersey
Oh youz from Joizey
No, I'm from New Jersey. You need special ed-classes.
by A Rebel October 11, 2010
The best damn state there is. New Jersey is in the tri-state area somewhere mashed inbetween New York, Philly and Delaware. I love how people from out of state "know" so much about Jersey! They think Jersey is dirty and so are the people! I bet they will say that "out of state"! From Atlantic City to Newark Jersey is full of the best mix of ITALIANS, BLACKS, PUERTO RICANS, AND HINDU'S in the world! More people would agree we were the GARDEN STATE if they came and smoked some of our shit--Especially the shit from camden! oh, and Camden, aka, CMD, IS off the chain! People always talk shit and say dont go there at night, I BEEN THERE AT NIGHT! Plenty of times, aint nothin wrong wit that place! I was livin there and yea the shit is bad but damn, give it a fuckin break! Anyways, Jersey is the home of the most Bangin ITALIAN GIRLS and fine ass NIGGAS!
"New Jersey's Finest"
by Rachel Angelo February 26, 2007
Best definition I've ever heard for Jersey, taken from the movie Eddie and the Cruisers II, Eddie Lives!:

Diane: You really enjoy this life, don’t you? Always travelling?

Eddie: Still miss Jersey.

Diane: (scoffs) And what’s so special about Jersey?

Eddie: Baby, there’s nowhere else in the world like the Garden State. You got miles of swamps and mountains of dumps, different-coloured rivers, automobile graveyards, breweries, factories, ballparks, all mixed up together. It’s the best place to live.

Diane: Uh-huh. Then why does the Statue of Liberty face the other way?

Eddie: Ooh.
New Jersey--nothing else is quite the same.
by ForgottenValkyrie January 07, 2010

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