A horrible new version of Facebook that has been modified for "cleanliness and simplicity," without the creators taking into account that 1.) The old Facebook was much easier to use; 2.) The old Facebook wasn't "broken," so why make a "new" one; and 3.) Almost everybody HATES IT!
What... what... what is all this?!?! What is all this crap on my screen? Where is my wall?! I HATE the New Facebook!!!
by benz981 September 20, 2008
The new facebook layout that has everything crammed onto one page and that no one likes. Everyone was much happier with the old facebook, and now we're forced to use this new piece of shit.
"Have you seen the new facebook yet? it sucks."
by epicepicphail September 14, 2008
Inferior new design for Facebook. Not half as good as the original Facebook.
The New Facebook is just a Myspace bitch!
by Annon12345321 September 19, 2008
a total piece of shit
A: DId u see teh new facebook?
B: YEa...its total shit
by Mark Zuckerberg October 12, 2008
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