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The sexual maneuver where a female will insert a funnel into her anus, another female will urinate into the funnel, and finally the former woman will allow the latter to drink the said contents from her rectum.
Damn I thought that those girl weren't isosexual, but after I saw them bust a New York Stock Exchange I knew that those sluts were carpet munchin' whore bags.
by drucalem3030 January 17, 2007
A place where Wall Street screws Main Street
Big Banker: Hey, I messed up gambling on the New York Stock Exchange. Seems that I'm not as smart as I think I am. I need bailout moneys.
Government: Ok.
Lowly Bank Customer: What? My interest rate just jumped 30 percent! Now, how am I going to pay off this debt?
by PseudonymKeKeKe October 24, 2009