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One of the most decent hockey teams in the country.
the new york rangers is a very good hockey team at some points. they play in madison square garden.
by Holly smokes! April 16, 2011
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A BOSS team that although lost to the devils, are still great. king henrik and captain cally and richards and gaborik lead the way. they haven't lost to the shit flyers since 2011 and can and will beat the caps and islanders any day.
Yo the New York Rangers are boss.
by NYR May 26, 2012
The worst Fucking hockey team in the NHL. They think they are the best their not. The win cups every 80 yrs. Their fans suck and are fags. And the whole Organztion and fans are a joke
hockey dude1: rember when the devils swept the new york rangers in 2006
hockey dude2: yeah lol they suck the make new york look bad
by ranger hater August 04, 2008
really "the shittiest" hockey team in new york. they have a good goaltender, and two new players (gaborik, and yokinen). both 1 year players!!!!!!!!!!!.... their fans usually think their hott shit. but really they are all talk. and they all know well kick their ass. the islanders will rape them when they recover their players from injury.

islanders fans get more ass
ranger fans are usually of jewish religion.
Hey look at that New York Rangers fan over their. look at his curls

girl: Yeah, hes probably jewish.

boy: ***punches him in face***
by RangersSuck10111 April 11, 2010
One of the shittiest NHL teams around. They win 1 cup in how many years? Their fans are dicks and are jealous that the New Jersey Devils have won 3 Cups in 10 years.
The New York Rangers Suck.
by 3 Cups 10 years April 18, 2006
Probably the worst team in New York and will be for a long time. People that are ranger fans are usually stupid fucks with no class and are often guidos. Yea sure they beat the islanders 6 times but hey look who had the better record and made the playoffs, besides thats the past and thats what ranger fans in the past.
Bill: rangers won the cup in 94 ! the islanders won it like 23 years ago.
Tim: yea so what that will be the last one they will win for a while i dont live in the past.
by big tim February 03, 2005
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