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New Albany:  New ALbany is one big suberb. Although the people living there are called "preppy","snobs", and an entire selection that I won't even go into, they can be considered "nice". Only about 10% of kids living there are preppy or snobs. The rest of them are very nice people who once you get to know them they probably are preppy and snob-ish. But once you get past all the sterotypes and name calling. I bet about 70% are not what they seem and truly nice kids and teenagers. So next time you pass through New Albany don't treat it like the poop stain on the underwear of society. Treat it with respect and then paint the horrid white fences a different color. No don't do that, just go to city hall and complain about them.
Bob: Lets go to New Albany!
Jim: No they're mean!
Sammy:No their not! You see New ALbany is one big suberb..........
by Wasn'tMe January 17, 2008
A place where there are many nice people. It has a bad reputation but there so many nice people. So stop calling us snobby rich kids and shut up. Most of us are nice people. Not all of us are bitches with money. You would be suprised.
Bob: Their from New Albany, they must be bitches.
Fred: Ew, their all snobby rich kids.

Abbie: I'm not rich, none of my friends are, why does everyone think I'm a bitch?
by NAGirl March 26, 2012
Suburb of Columbus, OH. Located in the North East corner. People tend to believe it's very rich and preppy, which parts are, but not everyone who lives there is rich. The whole "if you live near the country club you have better social status" is entirely not true unless your like ten years old. The high school is NOT the size of a large college campus, it would be smaller than a college campus. It is an outdoor campus so there is a court yard which makes the school look bigger, when really there is only about 1000 students in high school. It's a great place to get an education, the teachers for the most part care about teaching you. So don't judge it until you have lived there because it's a great place to live.
Bobby: Oh your from New Albany? Are you rich?

Sally: No. Most people who live there are middle class families, so get off my nuts.
by NAgrad08 March 21, 2009
New Albany is a suburb in Ohio. The students of New Albany High School and Middle School are often stereotyped as stuck-up, rich, and snobby, but anyone who has stepped inside of a classroom at either of those schools will know that this is not the case. Sure, they have the average snarky popular cheerleaders, but so does basically everyone. The fact is, New Albany is the home of Les Wexner, who owns/used to own Limited Brands, so Abercrombie, PINK, etc. are very common things to see worn there because that's where they originated and many people have jobs working for the company. Not everyone there is "rich", or living in "giant mansions", and personally, I have only seen a few nice cars there, all belonging to hard-working adults; not high schoolers. One of the most commonly discussed topics in New Albany is their own stereotype, since they are always the butts of jokes at football games and such. In reality, New Albany is a lovely place to live, home to generally good people and very high-level public schools. It makes me sad to see so many people dissing New Albany on this website and in person. Picking on the stereotype of people living in a certain town will get you no where.
Person 1: "Let's go to New Albany. I hear they have a great froyo shop there."
Person 2: "Eww no they're all stuck up bitches. If we go there we'll have to dress up and act like sluts."
Person 1: "Dude, they aren't like that. Have you even been to New Albany?"
Person 2: "No... but they seem snobby because they have white fences and good schools."
by IAmSherlocked January 23, 2014
A town near columbus ohio. Most people that live near new albany but not exactly in it consider it to be the town of "rich bitches". The people in New Albany actually tend to be very nice. Not everyone is rich either. Altough a lot are rich, there are a lot of "average" people. People in New Albany like to shop, normally at a local mall "Easton". New Albany has a pretty good track team as well as a football team. Most people think students at NAMS (New Albany middle school) and NAHS (New Albany high school) are preppy. A lot are considered "slutty" or "emo" which is true. These kind of people override the normal kids.
Those chicks are from New Albany
by GahannaGirl June 18, 2006
A nouveau-riche, contrived suburb northeast of Columbus, Ohio. Contrary to popular opinion, kids here are not preppy, but rather "skater-ish," tacky, and trashy. The real east-side Columbus preps (read: not Bexley Jews) live in rural Gahanna, near Rocky Fork Country Club, with large, private homes with lots of land. They don't send their children to public schools like New Albany, but rather to Columbus's premier private school, The Columbus Academy. They prefer to spend their time at Rocky Fork Country Club or Columbus Country Club, not the ostentatious, faux-Anglo New Albany Country Club.
John: Kids in New Albany are so rich!
Carruthers: Proof that money can't buy class!
by Old Money Mitchell April 28, 2008
home of mean, snobby, preppy kids who all own mercedes and live in million dollar homes. new albany elementary, middle, and high school is the size of a college campus. if they dont get what they want they cry to sleep. all of them are virgins even in 7th grade! they all wear hipster clothes and act like they're black. many are tall, have huge foreheads&think they can play lacrosse. overall dont live there :)
by loljkkkkk January 25, 2012
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