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Suburb of Columbus, OH. Located in the North East corner. People tend to believe it's very rich and preppy, which parts are, but not everyone who lives there is rich. The whole "if you live near the country club you have better social status" is entirely not true unless your like ten years old. The high school is NOT the size of a large college campus, it would be smaller than a college campus. It is an outdoor campus so there is a court yard which makes the school look bigger, when really there is only about 1000 students in high school. It's a great place to get an education, the teachers for the most part care about teaching you. So don't judge it until you have lived there because it's a great place to live.
Bobby: Oh your from New Albany? Are you rich?

Sally: No. Most people who live there are middle class families, so get off my nuts.
by NAgrad08 March 21, 2009
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