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Shard, good.
Neverlands is the best free Ultima Online shard in history. Andragorn rules.
by Major Penor October 17, 2003
10 6
An imaginary place where no one grows up or gets older; the realm of Peter Pan.
Michael Jackson named his ranch after Neverland of Walt Disney.
by Lino Dino October 21, 2006
220 30
The magical place where dreams are made.
We are off to never neverland..
by Neverlander February 10, 2009
198 37
Neverland, a "ranch" where Michael Jackson lives, and where the Bashir Documentary, "living with Michael Jackson" was mainly filmed. There are lots of rides, and an electric train running around the estate, and there is also many animals. A map of the estate is easily found at in the neverland gallery
"Neverland? Never been there. Wish I could go, I'd love to meet Michael Jackson!"
by michael_jackson_fan4life March 21, 2008
99 17
A fantastic Ultima Online shard, with the finest collection of players in the world.
Neverlands owns Crystalgate majorly
by Killerwarior wanabe March 05, 2004
9 2
A virgin who has never had sex or anything remotely sexually related calls her privates neverland.
"Noone's ever seen my neverland, it's locked away in my chastity belt until I'm married!"
by Merrie October 26, 2007
20 56