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-Someone who acts like even though they didn't lose anyone, were injured, lost their jobs, or got cancer afterwards because of 9/11, they are an actual victim, and acts like just being an American makes them a victim.
-Has an obnoxious "you hit one of us, you hit us all" attitude and sense of entitlement.
-Thinks that being paranoid and intolerant is the same as being patriotic.
-Thinks a terrorist attack is an excuse to act like they're at a Toby Keith concert.
A Neverforgetter is typically:
-Has "never forget" t-shirts or bumper stickers.
-Is intolerant of muslims, or basically anyone who isn't a white christian.
-Typically a southern redneck or a northern Teapartier.
-Uses 9/11 in any political argument or justification for their behavior.
by Harsh Logic September 04, 2011
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