a state which is more vacant than an empty car park
I went through from California straight through to Utah without touching Nevada
by JonHawk November 03, 2006
Next time you think there is nothing good in Nevada you should spend some time with the "Native Wildlife!!!"
I am the original "Native Wildlife!!" from NEVADA!!!
by Darlene U. April 15, 2008
Small ass town in Ohio whose saving grace is the bar and the deli next door to it. Also features a flock of incest gingers called the Wards.

Note: the first A in Nevada is pronounced like the A in day.
Guy 1: Lets go to Nevada!

Guy 2: Why? theres nothing to do in Nevada.

Guy 1: We can throw rocks at those inbred gingers!

Guy 2: Sweet! let me get my paintball gun!
by Wynford=prison February 04, 2011
an unusually dry handjob, as if the givers hand was seasoned in the Nevada desert for a few years.
Me: Mike, I know you just met here tonight, but did you guys do anything?

Mike: Yeah i got a Nevada, it felt like she was rubbing 24 grit sandpaper on my dick.
by DTyouright November 17, 2011
The Silver State. A desolate wasteland in the middle of the Mojave Desert between California and Utah. It is very sparsely populated and most of its 2.5 million people live either in the Las Vegas or Reno areas and that's it--not a damn soul for about 400 miles. It's probably the only state you will find slot machines in gas stations when you immediatley cross into the state line. The capital is Carson City and the Largest City is Vegas, the gambling mecca of the country and among the fastest-growing metro areas in the country, at least until recently.

Nevada is the fastest growing state as it is attractive to Californians due to its lower cost of living and no state income tax. Housing developements near Las Vegas are "cookiecutter" neighborhoods 'cuz they all look the same. For a long time Vegas saw a huge housing boom, but its almost a bust now as Vegas and Nevada almost have the most foreclosures in the country. Despite that, Vegas is still seing a big construction boom in business. Considering its generally low population, Nevada ranks as the #1 state in violent crime per-capita. It ranks #2 in homicide, #1 in auto theft,#3 in drug arrests and #1 in prison population growth. It maybe a fast growing state, but it's among the worst to live in.
I hate Nevada! It's too hot, dry and sucks in general.
by krock1dk February 19, 2008
The driest and most desolate state of the United States. Carson City is the capital and Vegas is the largest city. Nevada is dry because it lies between the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and the Rocky Mountians to the east. Nevada is so sparse that you can travel 400-miles from Vegas to Reno only on a two-lane U.S. highway and see next to nothing. Nevada was also built on gambling, as people flock to its numerous casinos, hoping to strike it rich. But Nevada is generally poor and uneducated, and has the highest incarceration rate in the country. The only reason Nevada was the fastest-growing state for many years was because people were leaving California for Nevada's lower cost of living, lower taxes and lack of person income tax. Other than that, Nevada has hardly anything going for it and is a desert wasteland.
Nevada is a desert wasteland.
by krock1dk July 10, 2010
For some reason, it’s the fastest-growing state in population. It is a dry, worthless, barren desert that would be NOTHING without Las Vegas. Nevada is probably the fastest-growing state only because Californians are fleeing their liberal, overpriced, corrupt bastion for Nevada’s lower cost of living and no state income tax. However, much of Nevada’s revenue comes from its huge casinos. Over half of the state is government-owned land. Nevada is ranked as the most corrupt and most dangerous state, with a fast-growing prison population and a high rate of violent crime per capita. It is definately NOT a nice place to raise a family, especially Las Vegas. Honestly, there is probably more to hate than love about this place.
I would NEVER live in Nevada.
by krock1dk November 29, 2007
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