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well aside from Emo's Punk's Goth's
there are some people call themeselves Neutz(in short of Neutral)
No man Can predict a neut's Action
they sumtimes bad theyre sumtimes good.
they like Any music as long as the Meaning of the lyrics is good.
They can wear any hair they like and dont care what people thinks about them
Well neutz are sometimes Sensitive
and Sometimes Aggresive.
They Believe that theyre Beyond Good & Evil.. and Beyond to All kinds of Posers.
And One thing some neutz has a part of them which is alredy Dead
An Example of A Neut Is Gael Sselevol.
when a guy wears the dress he wants and when he Ignores any comments that people give him..then hes a neut/Neutz..
by GaelSselevol April 24, 2009
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