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A band that is an offshoot of the Elephant 6. Thier music is considered a mixture of folk, fuzz-folk, and punk with a small amount of psychedelia and rock. Produced many songs but released only two true albums before going their seperate ways in 1999.
What is your favorite Neutral Milk Hotel lyric?
by Thomas Christopher Bradshaw April 23, 2004
The Beatles for Hipsters.
"As in regards to Neutral Milk Hotel...their first album was better."
by Outta Hand December 10, 2008
an incredible band with even more incredible lyrics. too bad they only made 2 albums i'm gonna cry.
Sweet communist
The communist daughter
Standing on the sea-weed water
Semen stains the mountain tops
With cocoa leaves along the border
Sweetness sings from every corner
Cars careening from the clouds
The bridges burst and twist around
And wanting something warm and moving
Bends towards herself the soothing
Proves that she must still exist
She moves herself about her fist
Sweet communist
The communist daughter
Standing on the sea-weed water
Semen stains the mountain tops
by koopapa February 15, 2005
a band that will take breaths away at just the first note. Their songs will change your life, give you inspiration to create and fluster your heart will perfectly composed lyrics about love; family; sex and the one and only , Anne Frank. You will not only fall in love with him, but fall into the world of Jeff Mangum.
friend: why are you so happy all the sudden?

you: oh, I just got done listening to Neutral Milk Hotel
by KingOfCarrotFlowersPt.1 March 30, 2016
Concisely speaking, a very good band on the "lighter" side of things...
Neutral Milk Hotel.
by friend of bob May 17, 2004
A hipster band, often the butt of all of 4chan's music board's jokes. The lyrics are pretentious and sung by a horrible singer. They also have a horn player, which is their only redeeming quality. Anyone who claims to like this band is probably trolling you.
"hai u guiz, do u like neutral milk hotel"
-Troll on 4chan
by notjeffmangum August 06, 2009
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