This just means that you are at an uncertain point in your life... You don't want to be involved (sexually, romanticly) with males or females... you just want to be left alone! (like in NEUTRAL mode)
Even though she doesn't like boys, she isn't gay... she's more neutral.
by Shan December 16, 2003
Top Definition
A state in balance between law, chaos, good, and evil
I am neutral, high above moral debate.
by Gareth Klieber April 22, 2006
A person that doesn't really do anything. Doesn't really help anyone out or make anything worse, they are just neutral. Not really doing anything.
Williamson you were so neutral today you just didnt really do anything at all.

Daycheck I see you were just neutral on these aircraft specials. You just didn't really do any of them.
by naadwizzle August 19, 2009
A less well known group of people who don't seem to fall under any of the other clique/labels. They tend to blend almost seamlessly between various groups, including rockers and chavs. Despite this, the majority of people they tend to hang out with are other neutrals, quite likely because that allows them to laugh about stereotypes without fear of retribution. They tend to leave people alone unless they're heckled and are not easily angered. Neutral groups often contain at least one so-called 'crazy', some one who should probably be seeing a shrink but who is good at hiding it from authority. The groups also occasionally contain people who fall under other labels but don't get along with anyone else under that label.

Neutrals are rarely seen sporting any specific look or style and tend to mostly opt for jeans and varying types of jackets. Some may have diverted from other cliques and continue to sport that look however, being around other neutrals seems to give them a mask and their easily labeled style does not stand out.

Chavs are known for confusing neutrals with rockers, goths or punks and cannot be blamed for doing so. Most neutrals are a less hardcore version of these in a lot of ways: They do not let insults faze them and they tend to not care about outsiders opinions. Neutrals have, at this point, adopted traditions from many various cliques. They also have the mafia- like chav tradition that, you mess with one member of the family, you mess with them all. In this case, family is the rest of the group. One firm rule is: If you are male and you hit a girl, you will die. Painfully. There are no 'buts', no 'oops'.
Person A: What's a neutral?
Person B: Neutrals are people from various cliques that got bored of the backstabbing and labeling and, ironically, banded together. Also, people who never fit into other groups that well.
by Sachani April 17, 2009
Someone who isnt really into anything. There not a mosher or townie or trendie. There just nuetral.
Normal jeans, plain white top. Nothing special, wouldnt remember them in a week.
by arcumeedies February 04, 2004
when a breakup is agreed upon by both people in the relationship.
me and marions breakup was neutral.
by Sat Fat December 19, 2005
"Getting back to neutral"

The act of getting yourself back together after a night of a lot of drinking, competing in a sport game, or after long hours of manual labor. Done usually with the help of aspirin, shower, brushing your teeth and eating food.
Person 1: Hey, you want to do something later?
Person 2: Yeah, I just gotta go home and get back to neutral first.
by Theo Pepperwater January 31, 2010
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