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A German Industrial One-Man-Band founded by Sascha Mario "NeuroticFish" Klein. He's somewhat of an underground celebrity in the underground goth and rave scenes.
"Music for a Paranormal Life" by NeuroticFish is an awesome song.
by Jason Swindler September 11, 2006

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neurotic fish ebm futurepop goth industrial rave. synthpop
A unique band that regrettably is no longer with us, and it doesn't exactly fit in a single genre. As the first paragraph of the wikipedia page says:

"Neuroticfish was a German musical project whose styles were borrowed from Electronic body music, futurepop, and synthpop, as well as other types of electronic music. "
Definitely not goth or rave, as those are separate genres of music altogether, but seeing as it's all closely related it might as well be to the average layperson.
Also, Neuroticfish is a great screen-name.
by Neuroticfish July 22, 2010