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Neurobiotictoxicities occurs when the exposure to natural or artificial substances, which are called biotic neurotoxins, alters the normal activity of the cytoplasmic membrane of the microorganism, in bacteria. such disruption causes a change in the RNA (the bacterial genetic makeup) of the bacterium disorganize the cytoplasmic membrane, thereby preventing the uptake of amino acids in such a way as to cause damage to nervous tissue, such disruption creates the bacterium less resistant and its offspring more prone to the immune system or certain medications. This can eventually disrupt or even kill other communication with other bacteria of the same strain, key to that transmit and process signals become disoriented . Neuro-biotictoxicities can result from exposure to substances such as grapefruit seed extract and more effectively the oil from grapefruit peels.At the same time of the disruption, there is a leakage of the cellular contents with low molecular weight through the cytoplasmic membrane. The pathogen is then inactivated. These chemicals are used when dealing with resistant strains of bacteria, this applies to all bacteria micrograms with RNA.This process usually is a deliberate dumb down of bacteria in order for the immune system to fight back
grapefruit seed extract is to dumb down as to mercury is to disrupt human neurological activity

sam sniffed a line of anthrax, and his immune system cant fight it. well he better start grinding up some dried grapefruit peels and start snorting them quickly

jeff really is a stupid kid he drinks fluoridated tap water eats food with aluminum and has mercury fillings in his teeth just like his bacteria are really stupid from that tangerine + grapefruit + lemon extract pills he takes after dinner (hes eating fish tonight that is loaded with lead)

james loves his Neuro-biotictoxicities pills so much he decided to lick a pigs ass and get swine flu and not worry about anything at all
by UFCandNickelodeon January 14, 2010
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