Having or getting oral sex after a long night of drinking with one or more friends or family members passed out next you.
I got smashed and a neuf last night with Rusty and Russell passed out on the floor.
by fpaq jones April 30, 2009
Top Definition
To fail in a spectacular fashion while attempting to act smooth or cool, i.e. sending your allergy suffering grandma to the hospital with a bouche of flowers.
Jake: "Dude check it out."
Lund: "No way! Zach's hittin on Darby? How's he doin so far?!"
Jake: "Well he just asked her how far along she is."
Lund: "The fuck?! Since when is she pregnant?!"
Jake: "She isn't"
Lund: *Sigh* "What a Neuf."
by Ninehanded October 04, 2010
A man that, while sober, will fuck anything with less than six legs. And yeah motherfucker, he has Plus.
"Man, Neuf was SHITFACED last nite. He seriously fucked a centipede."
by Peter Pocklington January 13, 2006
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