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Netwar refers to information-related conflict at a grand level between nations or societies. It means trying to disrupt or damage what a target population knows or thinks it knows about itself and the world around it. A netwar may focus on public or elite opinion, or both. It may involve diplomacy, propaganda and psychological campaigns, political and cultural subversion, deception of or interference with local media, infiltration of computer networks and databases, and efforts to promote dissident or opposition movements across computer networks.
Bush fight Saddam for the freedom of Iraqi people.
by servantx July 10, 2003
Means Online or Internet verbal war without getting physical.
I had a Netwar with a friend last night over a picture posted on one of the social network. She just wouldn't let go, complaining on how a particular individual appeared on a pix, which I found nothing wrong at all. The Netwar went on for about 30mins or so, can you imagine having Netwar over someone's picture.
by R.A. Stream Insights September 10, 2010
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