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An addistive substance, similar to Marijuana
Salad Fingers is addicted to Nettles
by Pig Child December 20, 2007
10 3
a rough substance that Salad Fingers likes to rub against his nipples for a orgasmic effect
Salad fingers once rubbed the nettles against his nipple and then his nipple turned red.
by jerry jackson rules! June 22, 2006
52 9
One who enjoys the company of men for sexual reasons.
That nettle is checking you out.
by coldarmy86 July 04, 2010
13 7
is a plant with stinging hairs. "Nettle" is also a person's name.
"I accidentally fell in a patch of nettles; those things sting like a bitch!" or "That girl, Nettle, is so hott!"
by Nettle ILla April 01, 2009
11 8
What some people call the nice big buds of the big bud plant. Also known as KB.
These are some sweet ass nettles.
by John Lufkin August 17, 2006
7 9