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A slang phrase meaning to watch a program on Netflix, a popular home movie and television application, and often to have sexual intercourse during or after watching the program.
Hey, let's go to my place and Netflix & chill
by BD911 October 30, 2015
A subtle way to lure a girl to come over to your place, initially as just a "friend", so that it can lead to an opportunity of getting intimate with her while something is playing on Netflix. Guys use this as a method to get laid, only dumb girls are foolish enough to fall for it.
Boy: Come over so we can Netflix & chill?

Girl: No, I'm not your booty call. You are not about to try to seduce me during the Notebook. Find another hoe, that you can pull that shit on.
by Troublexo December 22, 2015
Wanted to have sexual intercourse, instead of having to watch a movie.
"Would you like to come over for some Netflix & chill?"
"Do you want to rizzle my ross?"
by Dingleberry the slick & scary November 02, 2015
An activity a fuckboy proposes when he has a Netflix subscription, although it may mean actually watching a movie and generally hanging, more severe fuckboys are actually suggesting some form of sexual intimacy

For him, popcorn is not the only thing on the menu.
I'm free tonight for some Netflix & chill if you want to come over...

I'm skint at the moment; so instead of Netflix & chill, it's going to have to be youtube & chill.

He proposed Netflix & chill nigh the little fuckboy.
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by Looney_ January 03, 2016
Watching Netflix and casual sex.
Boy: Do you want to binge watch House of Cards and then fuck?
Girl: Ok
Random guy looking through the window: Ah Netflix & Chill, I'm going to be here for a while.
by Alpsman May 20, 2016
When a couple decides to spend a date watching a movie on Netflix, and relaxing. Sex is usually done during/after the movie.
Guy: Ay girl come to my house and we can "Netflix & Chill".
Girl: Alright what movie we watching?
Guy: insert movie here, and I brought some condoms.
Girl: *Smiles*
by realest tho. October 31, 2015
Im home alone, Netflix & Chill?
by TeeDirty December 27, 2015
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