a ride-or-die chick that is there for you no matter what. Someone that has been your best friend since the early elementary days. expect him/her to be in you r likfe, FOREVER. Because, they will never turn their back on you.
i love you nessssss
by ohhlaalaa May 27, 2010
aka cool , awesome , sweet,
Jonathan: Dude that shirt is ness!
by Cakedude77 February 04, 2010
A super nifty thing to add on to any word (or name!) at all (and I do mean any).
Hotness, sweetness, w00tness, loveliness, paperness, wordness, lemurness, nessness, arghness, eekness, Katyness, Draconess, Harryness, usness.
by Lexi December 26, 2003
Ness is the perfect word when you can't think of any other word. It can be anything you want it to be. Ness can also be used to put emphesis on certain words.
Ness is not a word that you can give an example for. It merely exists. In what plane of existance, I'm not sure. It's just there.
by Ehks D. Fishanda January 27, 2008
Used to change an adjective into a noun.
Random-ness, Bishonen-ness, Ugly-ness, Scary-ness
by Oh the insanity... November 13, 2003
A shorter version of the words: awesomeness, amazingness, and coolness.
OMG! holy frick and a half! Makinsey is so Ness!
by Makinsey April 28, 2008
A nickname which originates from the word 'Efflochness' which is another nickname typically used between two bffs. One bff is 'Loch' and the other is 'Ness.'

These types of nicknames share strong similarities with the primary bff nick-names, 'bee' and 'eff.'
Jen: Hey loch!
Mary: Hey ness!
Jen: Do you think our nicknames are starting to get a bit weird?
Mary: Yep.
by HmmfCreator May 28, 2009

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