yes, its the suffix of ness. but this is a more general use. it simply is the content or being of something. it can be good or bad or whatever.
I had a music-gasm when i listened to that song. Its so amazing in its NESS.
by cHerRyLiPsTiCk22 October 19, 2009
This word is used to put emphasis onto a word to make it into an adjective... or a more powerful adjective.
That reaks of coolness, She is the hotness, I am the Twiggness
by The Spooky Twigg October 28, 2004
Ness is Ness. There is no other way to explain Ness. It's not a thing, no not really. It's a noun and an adjective at the same time. It can be a deity. But it might not...
unwritten laws of ness
by countess D December 27, 2003
Someone's '-ness' is their quintessential essence. Sometimes Ness is tagged onto a last name, or a nickname.
Ode to Reich:
Reich does what she does. She cannot be other than reich. She is... reich-ness. Her reichness overflows. It stems from her, yet it is not separate. Reichreichreichreich.

Noe: "Your mom's dick-ness crushed my dunge adventure yesterday"
D-money: "Noe, if you weren't such a poopsterbater this wouldn't be a problem"
by Accipehoc April 08, 2014
A suffix added to the end of different adjectives, verbs, and nouns to show how much more awesome the idea is.
Person 1: Dude, did you watch the movie?
Person 2: Yeah, i did! It was total awesome-ness
Person 1: Indeed. It was some real cool-ness
by The Vampire Bunnii March 20, 2009
All the factors that make up a person, physically or emotionally
Those socks really fit Amanda’s ness.

I find Sally’s ness to be really attractive.
by Ashley Burbank December 15, 2008
Word used inplace of describing a general situation, description, and/or over exaggerated drama.
It's all about the -Ness
by Alyssapoo October 05, 2006

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