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staying inside on facebook and other social networks all day instead of going out and being social
I don't feel like doing anything, I think I just want to do some nerding on facebook and write on my friends' walls.
by carmen69 December 11, 2010
4 8
1. The act of participating in a Madden football league. The members have their rules and fees written in a sacred composition book, aka 'nerd bible.'

2. Playing the video game 'Skyrim' for hours on end.

3. Reading a series of Dwarf books.
Hey Pal, do you want to do some nerding in my Trailer Trash Football League?
by tatermommy August 14, 2012
1 8
frat term for going to clubs with the sole intent on picking up geeky girls,either gangly or chubby,overbites,glasses or braces,etc,because they don't get fucked much and will be really wild and let you degrade them-like shooting on thier glasses or slapping thier fat asses.
(I say this only because nerdy girls are hot,and usually have awesome personalities to make up for feeling like they are 'flawed' in society,and nerdy girls span all races and body can talk about star wars with them and have hot sex. definately overlooked as a species.)
"Me,Jeff an Brad are going nerding at the Jinx tonight-wanna come? some emo band's playing,it should be thick!"
by travis pitts January 08, 2004
12 26
a verb.profession of guys usually sporting taped glasses and cheesy grin at school.pointless,often amusing exercise.
Oh look,Pete is nerding in the corner.
by russ's_gf March 17, 2004
3 20
A person who is annoying you while you are enjoying pornographic films.
The old man wouldn't stop nerding so I had to ruin his shit.
by Esch8 March 14, 2003
4 24