A Christological phenomenon in which the same word or phrase pops up over relatively short period of time, usually a few days or weeks. These words inspire a check in the spirit of a believing person, who responds to the repetitive language by paying attention to the development of the characteristic the word refers to in their life, by perhaps studying the word in the context of Scripture, and/or by discussion with fellow believers.
Melissa: "I'm so overwhelmed by the concept of being a pilgrim right now! This world is not my home!"

Sarah: "Did you just say 'pilgrim'? That is such a nerd word for me right now!"
by SuperOne January 15, 2010
Top Definition
A big word used in casual conversation that no one understands except maybe the user. 60% of the time the Nerd Word user is smart and KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT and the other 40% of time it's used by an idiot who gets a random word out of the dictionary and then uses it to look smart.
Example 1:
Smart User- "I think the nomenclature of Windows is way easier than Mac. Don't you?"
Person- "Sorry,dumb it down. I can't understand Nerd Words."

Example 2:
Person- "I LOVE N'SYNC!!! Do you love them? I LOVE them."
Stupid User- " Yes. I believe they are very esoteric. I wish more bands were esoteric."
Person- "Do you even know what that means?"
Stupid User-

*Looks down at definition written on hand.*
"Only known by a few, not well known...Dammit"
Person- "Yeah, stop trying to use Nerd Words to look smarter."
by Sam's Cola July 20, 2010
nerd word would be any word that is related to computers or is not among the average persons inteligence.
I got change the domain of the url for this eip link.
Dude... less nerd words ok?
by solstice.barrett January 21, 2011
A binding verbal agreement between a nerd and anyone the nerd chooses to grace with his/her nerd word. Usually only 3 are granted at any given time.
"You gave her your nerd word! That means you only have 2 left!"
by Infinite_Guytron March 16, 2016
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