A sad, socially awkward person who plays games like Dungeons and Dragons, and RuneScape. Nerds often go on about how people envy them and they will be sucessful blah blah blah but most nerds are just pitied and end up being sad old losers who live with their moms stuck in a dead end job in an office STILL playing their nerd games.
"wow look at that nerd, playing Runescape"
"Nerd: You're just jealous"
*Normal*: Of what? your non-existent social life? your complete inability to make friends? Your acne?"
by Theoretik February 03, 2006
one who puts books, learning, or computers in front of everything else. has to be extremely precise about everything, is a perfectionist, and has no connections with the present time. strangely, their handwriting seems to be uglier than a hairy pussy.
me: hey wanna play basketball this afternoon?
nerd: online?
me: LMAO
me: dude stop singing its annoying.
nerd: i'm not singing, i'm humming.
me: you goin to the school dance?
nerd: nah i wanna learn one chapter ahead cause i want to get the 5 bonus points on the next test.
me: holy shit dawg get down the principals coming.
nerd: umm whats a dawg?
teacher: number 13, the answer is..
nerd: wait on number 12, my friend forgot to capitalize and he didn't put a period...
by Kevin February 13, 2004
All of you dont are mis-interpreting the meaning of "nerd", nerd is not a person, nerd is the substance that covers a "Geek", making him the most useless, most lame, and the most cut-off from the rest of the world loser. A person who is full of nerd usually wears the following:
1. Nerdy glasses.
2. Ugly, no-longer-fashionable shirt .
3. Ugly no-longer fashionable pants (should be raised as much as possible).
4. Long socks.
5. Old shoes, that used to be cool when ADIDAS released it's first sneakers.
6. Huge watch which little kids like to wear.
7. Ugly bowl haircut.
8. The first Nokia phone ever released with "who let the dogs out" ringtone.
9. Lamest personality ever..EVER.
CAUTION : "Nerd" is a highly contagious substance and should be totally avoided. "Nerd" covers a geek and all of his possesions, so DO NOT take or borrow any of the geek's possesions unless you're gonna use them to kill the nerd.Note: No cure has yet been discovered to get rid of "nerd", simply because "Geeks" are not willing to find the cure because it will remove all the "nerd" from them.
Mike: Duude, can i borrow a pen?
Larry the Geek : Sure, which one? I have a collection :D
Chris: Mike, dude, don't take it, it's full of "nerd", you'll get the "nerd" on yourself duude. You can't get rid of that shit.
Mike: OH F@%K !
by ShinySpoons November 24, 2008
All nerds share one common attribute; they think they are more intelligent than normal people. However, there are many types of nerd, here are a few:

* Computer nerd: Usually very fat and very pail. Computer nerds are incapable of carrying out any physical activity more strenuous than typing on a keyboard, they often exhibit terrible body odour and show little care for their appearance.

* Goth nerd: Obviously the goth nerd wears black clothes, they are usually into stupid interpretations of Wicca and/or role-playing games. Curiously for nerds they often don’t smell too bad.

* Metal nerd: Metal nerds once again wear black clothes, they also have long hair and have the most rancid body odour of all nerds. Obviously they listen to heavy metal music.

* Retired nerd: These are over the age of 70 and are usually into collecting some meaningless thing; like stamps or bottle caps, or anything else that is incredibly boring.
Nerds smell.

I hate nerds.

by Cudaman September 06, 2003
Nerds are bunch of fat ugly retarded computer freaks wearing shitty clothes. People mistake the nerds for taking joy from the classes, but they don't because they never know how to be friends or even talk right to the people. Therefore the nerds only enjoys the testing date when no one has to talk to anyone. Also, the nerds believe their "intellectual level" is "superior" than most other people and dwell in the fantasy that they will at least become a boss of a company if not the second Bill Gates. They never had, have, or will have any lover so they jack off imagining their future boss self ordering that jerk who just beat the living hell outa me today. They also like to think that people actually care about them and that they are jealous and afraid of them for their intelligence, but that is one fucked up bullshit. Like anyone give a shit about their presence. So stop the online shit and face the reality. Which is that nerds are shitholes who are born to get beat up.
Nerd 1- Those guys are keep looking down at me because they are afraid of my intellectual strength. When I get home I will imagine myself ordering them around when I become the boss of them and jack off.
by nerdfuckingshit August 24, 2006
incredibely annoying people, go to the anime chatroom on AIM. They all have the offline option on there sns and if you ask they just ban you. They also always use corect punctuation and stick there noses up. Never try talking to them or they will just show there IQ and be pussys.
Me: Hey Sup?

dragonx: ban reed

reed has left chatroom.
by reedcp December 19, 2004
One who is of great inteligence but poses and brag about it. Think one is greater then all others becuase they are smarter.(shows off intelgence)
Shut up nerd you think your all that but you can't do crap to nobody.
by Gary June 07, 2003
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