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A female character possessing all the traits likely to lure nerdy males into consuming a particular media product and included in that media product precisely for that purpose.

Such characters are usually cute and mousy, possess mathematical or scientific intelligence, often redheaded, generally nonthreatening, etc.

Examples include “Willow” from “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” and “Chloe” from “Stargate: Universe”
Nerd 1: What do you mean Chloe isn't hot? She's my dream girl.

Nerd 2: Well, exactly. She is just too obviously Hollywood nerd bait for me to get into.
#nerd #dork #geek #dork bait #jail bait
by BurnHollywoodBurn October 18, 2009
v. To make a false reference in a nerd context, with the expectation that nerds will object to the error and discuss ad infinitum. A specific form of pulling someone's chain.

n. False information purposely told, to cause nerds to react and correct.
1) Did you hear about Colbert's mistake? He claimed Angband was Morgoth's first fortress.
Dude, he was nerdbaiting.

2) That guy's too young to have played Zork at Stanford. He'd be in his forties. Zork was done by the mid-eighties.
I think the writers are seeing how many people they can nerdbait.
#nerd #bait #geek #lies #joke #sarcasm
by JC Costello October 03, 2007
A relatively attractive girl of questionable status of character that is tolerable enough to become the object of many male nerd's lusty whims. Commonly found in high schools and on college campuses
"Man, remember Trina from high school? Total nerd-bait! I think I only liked her because she was an artist and liked FLCL as much as I did!"
#nerd #chicks #high school #otaku #artist #anime
by brillchan July 26, 2008
Someone who both attracts and exudes all things nerdy.
Peter Segal is a freaking nerd bait.
by David November 11, 2004
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